I believe in more, what do you believe in?

Cet article est différent. Déjà j’y écris en français en plus de l’anglais cette fois. Et puis je vais vous parler de mon rapport au sport. This article is a different one. First, I’ll write both in french and in English. And then I’ll tell you about my Relationship with sports. Le sport, celui dont je détestais les heures lorsque j’étais au lycée. Petit à … Continuer de lire I believe in more, what do you believe in?


Pomegranate, only pomegranate, that’s what the Life Juice bottles are made of ! No added sugar, no additive, no artificial flavour, it’s 100% pomegranate. Ok ?   It’s sold only in little bottles, so that all the benefits from the juice are kept intact. Pomegranate is known for being great to get rid of toxins, it’s rich in antioxidants, and a good source of potassium. Well … Continuer de lire LIFE JUICE