Artist Riikka Hyvonen is fascinated by skin, and more especially by the momentary marks that one can get when he’s injured, and that tell a story about people. She’s also quite into the community that represents Roller Derby, and the way that derby players are proud of their bruises and want to show it to the other team members. Those derby kisses + her fascination … Continuer de lire ART / ROLLER DERBY KISSES

INSTA’T FIRST SIGHT @laurencephilomene

This time, I’ve asked a few questions to @laurencephilomene , a photographer from Montreal. So can you tell me a bit about yourself, how old you are, where you come from, what you like… I’m 22, I’m from Montreal, Canada, I like the color pink, femininity, cheetos, napping… When did you start photography ? How did you get to it ? I started pursuing photography more seriously when … Continuer de lire INSTA’T FIRST SIGHT @laurencephilomene

INSTA’T FIRST SIGHT @princess.constance

My fivth crush on Instagram is @princess.constance A modern princess, the way i admire them. Constance is from New Zealand, and is constantly in search for the sweetness of femininity, but she also wishes to reveal the more tense moments through girlhood. She puts a big part of herself and her feelings in her work, through the faces and bodies of other girls. Continuer de lire INSTA’T FIRST SIGHT @princess.constance